Storm Damage Repair Services on Buildings Throughout Southwest Florida

Residents of Southwest Florida know what a gem of a location it is. From sunny beaches to warm winter evenings, there’s a lot to love about living in this tropical area. But, as any resident knows, the damage caused by hurricanes and other severe weather can put a damper on being a homeowner. Tri-Town Construction is here to help, with storm damage repair services for residents in and around Bonita Springs, FL.

Roofing & Gutters

Repairs for Storm-Damaged Homes

At Tri-Town Construction, we like to say that we’re “Home grown and here to stay.” That philosophy means a lot to us, especially when we work with folks that might have experienced storm damage to their home or commercial property. As locals, we understand how tough it can be after a storm, which is why we offer fair, quality work in the wake of bad weather. With a focus on our local community, we’re committed to being there when our neighbors need us most.

With our focus on custom home construction and whole-home remodeling, we have the expertise to repair almost any area of your home or building. We’ll work hard to get your space back to its pre-damaged state or improve it with those upgrades you’ve always wanted.

Insurance Expertise and Assistance

After a storm rolls through, homeowners can feel powerless while they wait and try to navigate their insurance process. Since we’ve weathered a few storms, Tri-Town Construction is happy to lend a hand in any way that we can to help make your insurance claim process more efficient. We’ll provide you with helpful advice and insight to make dealing with your insurance company easier.

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To find out more about our storm damage repair services or roofing services contact Tri-Town Construction today. We serve Bonita Springs and the rest of the greater Southwest Florida area.

Storms are a fact of life in Southwest Florida.

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Hurricane Irma in 2017 left devastation in its wake. Many home and business owners were not prepared to deal with the level of destruction and the extensive repairs required.
In Southwest Florida we can also experience floods, fire, thunderstorms and lightning, and even tornadoes.

Tri-Town’s rapid response to your needs and our insurance expertise give relief when you need repairs and restoration. But we also advise that you have a to-do list well before storm season arrives.

Be prepared with these helpful links and tips.

  1. Collier County’s Bureau of Emergency Services
  2. Lee County Hurricane Preparation Guide
  3. National Hurricane Center
  4. Advance planning is key. If we are close to storm season or if a storm is bearing down, it’s too late to change your insurance policy. Plan ahead.
  5. Check your policy for what’s included and what’s not, and ensure storm surge, wind and flood damage are covered.
  6. Photograph or videotape your personal property with cost, dates of purchase and serial numbers if appropriate. This is an extremely important step as your insurance company will want proof of your belongings’ value.
  7. Report damage to your insurance company immediately. Keep your claim number nearby as you will need it for Tri-Town or if you need to contact your insurance company again.
  8. Photograph your damage before you make temporary repairs in case the insurance company minimizes the extent of the damage.
  9. Opportunistic contractors from outside the area often do not understand South Florida’s strict construction codes and can take advantage of owners by price gouging. Work with a local, experienced, licensed company like Tri-Town.
  10. Stock up on food, water, batteries and other necessary items for your storm survival kit, especially if you ride out the storm at home. You can also stay at a shelter. Some accommodate people with special needs or pets.
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