ICF Homes Constructed With Care for Naples, FL, Residents

Florida Remodeling

If you’re thinking about having a new home built on your property in Naples, Florida, turn to Tri-Town Construction, the local experts with more than 15 years of experience building custom ICF Homes.

What Are ICFs?

ICFs, also known as insulated concrete forms, are unique building materials made of concrete, insulating foam, and steel reinforcements. Because of this unique construction method, ICF walls are extra-durable and provide a variety of other benefits. ICF construction is typically quicker than traditional building methods, and the ICFs themselves are more energy efficient and noise resistant than many other materials. In addition, ICF construction provides great flexibility and can be used to create a variety of building styles.

Choose From Our ICF Home Options

Tri-Town Construction can create gorgeous ICF homes based on several available models. Of course, we can fully customize any of these models, so just choose a base and let us know what else you want! Our crew has the experience to bring all of your dreams to life.

A Team With Exceptional Experience

When residents of Naples, FL, are considering building a new home, Tri-Town Construction is the team they call. We have served the area since 2006, and over the years, we’ve constructed countless ICF homes that are as gorgeous as they are functional. Contact us today to learn more about our expertise and the benefits of ICF construction.

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