Long-Lasting Metal Roofing for Your Home in Southwest Florida

Owning a home in a place that gets as much rain and severe weather as Southwest Florida can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to your roof. Choosing a more durable option, like metal roofing, can pay dividends in the long run. It’s far more durable than traditional shingles and can easily last 50 years more. If you’re interested in metal roofing for your home in Bonita Springs or elsewhere in the region, Tri-Town Construction is the company to call.

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Metal Roofing Makes Sense

It’s impossible to deny the benefits of metal roofing, which is part of the reason that it’s so popular. In fact, for homeowners in Southwest Florida, it’s particularly useful thanks to:

Improved Energy Efficiency

In bright, sunny locations, metal roofing reflects a large portion of sunlight and thus absorbs less heat than an asphalt roof. That can have dramatic effects when it comes to cooling your home.

Weather Resistance

Properly installed metal roofing offers fantastic protection against high winds and heavy rainfall and is surprisingly resilient to impacts.

Fire Protection

Metal roofing offers some of the best fire protection available to homeowners and is largely impervious to flame.

Local Roofing Expertise

At Tri-Town Construction, we believe that we should be more than just another construction company, which is why we’re proud to be a part of the community in Bonita Springs and serve other cities in the Southwest Florida region. When you partner with us for your metal roofing installation, you can trust that we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you have the high-quality roof you deserve. Plus, as the area’s leading general contractor, we can help with almost any area of your home that you’re looking to remodel or renovate.

To find out more about our roofing options, schedule a roof inspection with our team today.

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