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Our Services

Reimagine Your Home

Home Remodeling

From kitchens and bathrooms to living areas and bedrooms, our home renovation company can redesign your whole home to support your lifestyle better. Our professional architects and interior designers will work hard to bring your vision for a high-end home to life.

Bring Your Dream Home to Life

Home Building

If you need to rebuild after the storm, we provide full luxury home building services, including design, permitting, and construction. We build insulated concrete form (ICF) homes that surpass FEMA hurricane standards, boast impressive energy efficiency, and are customizable to create the high-end look you desire.

Moving Past Hurricane Damage

Storm Damage Repair

We’re more than a full-service luxury home remodeling company and custom home builder—we also provide emergency services, such as fire and flood cleanup, storm damage repairs, and insurance mitigation.

A Reliable Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Referral Partners

We have years of experience working with leasing agents, commercial space designers, and property management companies, delivering commercial property remodeling services for office spaces, condos, restaurants, and more.


Why Choose Tri-Town Construction?

We are committed to providing Southwest Florida with exceptional design-and-build services and helping local homeowners and business owners move beyond devastating storm damage. For more reasons to choose Tri-Town Construction as your home remodeling and custom home building company, contact us today. 

A One-Stop Shop for Home Building

We will handle every step of your project, from helping you design your new home to obtaining the permits and doing the construction work, ensuring a smooth process.

Highly Experienced Home Remodelers

We have been bringing dream homes to life for local homeowners since 2006. Our long tenure speaks to our steadfast commitment to customer service.

Best-in-Class Craftsmanship

Our custom home builders are some of the most skilled in the industry. They never cut corners or take shortcuts, and we stand behind their work.

Giving Back to Our Community

Examples of charities we’ve supported over the years include the Children’s Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida, March of Dimes, Pace Center for Girls, and Habitat for Humanity.

Read Our Reviews

Tri-Town Construction has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can remodel or rebuild your home. 

“Highly recommend Tri-Town to complete your renovation project. They were professional, so reliable, patient with our many questions, and assured us that the project will be completed without any problems. Their pricing was so reasonable. They are a trustworthy company who puts customers first.”

Jennifer P.

“I highly recommend Tri-Town Construction! I am a local real estate professional, whenever one of my customers needs ANYTHING done to their home, Mike is my go-to guy! He always answers his phone and schedules a time to discuss the scope of the project - and his estimates are always very competitive. Tri-Town has completed several remodel projects for my customers and they all rave about his communication skills and quality of craftsmanship. If you have a home renovation project call Tri-Town Construction!”

Ronald A.

“I completed a whole home remodel with an addition using Tri-Town. I could not be happier! The quality of workmanship, professionalism from each and every staff member and subcontractor, and turnkey beauty that was my end result is by far unsurpassed. It is breathtaking! We plan on using Tri-Town on our dream home build in the next couple of years although now, I hate to leave this gorgeous vacation home they gave us. Kudos to such an amazing company!”

Diane K.

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